Smak it! Snatch it! & Catch a Ball Right Out of Thin Air
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Why Play Catch With an Ordinary Ball When You Can Play Smak-a-Ball?

Ready. Aim. Smak It!

Just Place a
Ball in a Ringer
& Smak it
to the Sky
to Watch it Fly!

  • Play Alone or with Friends
  • Pool Party & Birthday Fun
  • Perfect for the Beach
  • Lightweight, Aerodynamic Wings Make Catching Easy
  • Engages Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Great for Tailgating & Barbeques
  • Super Soft, Inflatable Ball Goes Up to 50 Ft High
  • No More Boring Ball Tosses!
Perfect for Pool Parties
If You Can Clap, You Can Smak!
Make Up Your Own Games
A Smak-tacular Day on the Beach!
Buy One Get One + $6.99 P&H Per Set
Order Now