What is Smakaball?


Smakaball is a new toy that has many unique qualities. This toy allows anyone the ability to catch a ball one handed, fully extended from the body, which used to be an amazing feat reserved for top athletes. Now anyone can experience this exhilarating feeling that is unlike any other. It is designed to be used with one hand or two, and can be used by individuals who are either left or right handed. Parents have been praising this product as a great tool to get their kids up off the couch and enjoy a physical activity. Smakaball can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of locations. You can play in the park, in the pool, in the backyard, a rec room or gym. The Smakaball catchers and ball break down for easy storage so you can take it with you on any trip. The materials that Smakaball are made of are soft and safe for anyone ages 6 and up, so parents can have peace of mind when their kids are out and about playing Smakaball. You can play a variety of games with as many people as you like. You can do tricks if you are playing by yourself, or play catch with a friend. You can play monkey in the middle, 500 or even a team sport like Ultimate Smakaball. This product is being used in schools to teach fundamentals to children as well as being used in occupational therapy and rehabilitation therapy. Smakaball is even helping the elderly to get some physical activity in their lives. Smakaball has a unique characteristic of crossing over from toy to sport to therapy tool. Smakaball is great in building hand‐eye coordination. Smakaball has the ability to catch underhand and overhand which allows a wide spectrum of people, who range from unathletic to athletic, to challenge themselves in different ways with the same product as well as play with each other without hindering each other’s enjoyment.  This product is brand new.  Be one of the first people in the neighborhood to have Smakaball.  

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